Overland Delhi to New Delhi in 16 Days

Overland adventure delhi to new delhi

by Vaibhav Roy


                                         Day 1


This was the most difficult and awesome trip i have done with the best of riders i can ever get ,,,. 👍😁. This ride was planned a year in advance because the amount of planning and Permissions which are to be taken to go too china is huge, the idea of riding to Tibet came when me and chef Mickey were having a talk below our favorite hangout, a tree in our hotel, we were talking about our next ride where it should be the first thing which came to our mind was LADAKH, but nowadays daily 300 bikes go there.


Everybody now buys a bike and heads there…. So suddenly we thought y not Tibet, first thing that popped into my mind was the movie seven years in Tibet by brad pit, and yell yea we decided tibet it is!!!, meanwhile Aagosh was on sail and was constantly pestering me with emails bro i wanna ride please plan something when i come, and don’t cry that you don’t have any leaves left!!! (He has just bought the bike 5 months back) , so now were three..

Now we started working on the ride the route , gear needed, sponsors , so we decided to open a page and start building it up, two of our very close friends yang fa and suki who are avid and seasoned riders and have now started retro mo and viaterra gear agreed to help us with their gears  which all bikers dream of !!! Thanks a lot brothers hope we did justice to your kind help and the support during the ride really brothers it was of great help.

now it’s the start of September and Aagosh is finally back in Delhi with his tiring sail which extended a month above time!!! Now me and chef mickey have done some difficult rides but Aagosh is a new rider and the Tibet ride was not a ride but an expedition!!! As we will be the one of the first ones to ride to Tibet then ride back to Delhi!!  So we decided that we need to hide a little rather small fact from Aagosh that we told him we will just ride 200 to 300 kms per day and would stop riding by 1600 hrs 😜


He was just fine , by now our page has become quite popular and has got 2000+likes , then josh called a very dear friend and founder of DBBR Delhi bikers breakfast run a super cool group which has no barriers for any bikes and clubs but have the basic thing which is nowadays lacking is riding , josh arranges rides on Saturdays, a small 50 kms outta delhi ride for awesome breakfast, he had planned a breakfast ride on the same date as we have planned our start date, so he planned a flag off ride for us and god what a feeling it was when all Delhi bikers (200+) cheered us up and clapped for us thank you Delhi bikers and josh it was indeed a morale booster for us, now as we were all pumped up and started our ambitious journey from south ex as i crossed the lajpat flyover my spark plugs shot, and i have just got the bike serviced from a authorized royal en field service station, so yea first breakdown, then we entered Nepal @ around 1500 hrs and got the permits and the required papers to stay in Nepal for five days, then at around 1700hrs we started on our way to Kathmandu , Aagosh was still little confused why we are riding in the night!!! The highway which we were riding is a single lane highway which connects whole of Nepal , me and chef mickey had helmet cons(itz a radio communicator which is connected to the helmet and has a range of 2 kms so u don’t need phones ) and Aagosh was not having it, so me and mickey(Aka chef) were talking about Aagosh (Aka phatu) .

How hes riding, will he be OK with night , riding continuously in the hills and blah blah blah …..
Meanwhile we were hungry as the only meal we had was a MC muffin and a cup of coffee, plus sleep was getting on to us , chef has worked till 1..
In the night packed and slept for an hour me and phatu had partied all day and night and slept for 2 hrs so we decided to have a pit stop to refill our fuel and stomachs!!! We filled up our tanks and stopped at a roadside dhabha , nepal is funny as u have pan and cigarette shops in India Nepal has liquor everywhere the punture guy sells it the grocer has it even the vegetable seller has small nips of bottles in his vegetable cart!!!!

And everybody is drunk , not so good for us cause as the road is a single lane highway and lot of trucks and small vehicles commuting on it. We ordered our food and this is the best part of my rides the people appreciate what we do and they do small things like making a salad platter with beautifully arranged vegetables , assorted pickles and condiments which u don’t get normally, and come sit with you talk and u get to know so much about the place the ppl the government, they just open their hearts out, and suddenly u are not a stranger anymore!! This is one of the reason i like to ride soo much!!! You connect with people so much, phatu was now getting little restless about when we will stop for sleep, chef and me were thinking that we have still 600 km more of riding plus the last stretch to Kathmandu(KTM) about 50 kms which is under construction and is in very bad shape according to a rider who recently did KTM to delhi about 15 days back, chef then told phatu and me that there is this wildlife park called Bardia national park about 150kms away (actually 250+!!) where we can stay and have morning safari and then push off for KTM, so i got all excited and told Aagosh that lets push for 2 hrs and then we can call it a day!!!


We started after a light meal and a much needed break!!! Now we had a riding pattern chef being riding in front phatu in middle and me being last so as we had cons me and chef were talking continuously about the road ahead , watch out for and bla bla, it was now around 2100hrs and i was getting really sleepy and suddenly i dozed fr a second!!! And there was this straight fall about 10 feet i missed by a second and i said shit and as the con on chef said what happened and i said nothing, then he repeated WHAT HAPPENED !! I told him what happened and he immediately stopped at a dhaba and asked to stop we then had some tea mixed with my coffee powder and three of us there decided whenever anyone feel drowsy or cant continue WE STOP!! Cause in a group u ride as fast as the slowest one.

The roads were getting better as we proceeded further and the jungle has started now , what a feel when u ride in between the canopy of trees with no lights, no movement of vehicles no man far far away ….. And the light of your bikes reflects in the branches above and u get a feeling you are riding in a tunnel , wow what a feeling !!!! Chef has done some research about the park as he is a reptile lover and has a snake farm in Italy and Bardia is home to a rare species of magar Or ghariyal and also crocodiles and rhino, he suggested we stop at a resort called Big bens place , but he dint had any idea where it is and we were not Carrying any map and the GPS was also not working as there was no signal, we entered the national park and were stopped at the checkpoint by the Forrest guards and they also did not had any idea about the place we were looking for!!! They suggested there is a another checkpoint where there will be a senior officer who might guide us, so we continued …..


After around 1 hr we reached that check point and the guy told us yes there is a place called big bens but it is around 50 km deep in the jungle , we decided we will go as there is no option … Then one of the guards told us that a jeep will be going in that way and we can follow that… So we started following it and yea there was no road the way was made up of stones and the jeep was zipping so fast and all the stones were coming back at us, we were having a tuff time balancing our bike looking ahead and trying to follow the jeep which by now we can only see a small red light far far away…. Then suddenly there was no road !!! And there was a river around 50 feet high with knee deep water, we looked around to see from where did the jeep crossed it , maybe a bridge or something and then we were for a little shock!!! The jeep was in the river crossing it!!!!! So i told phatu congrats you will be doing Ur first river crossing and if something comforts u , it my first time too, as we were discussing from where will cross , chef told me on the con lets go roy, and zoop he went me and aagosh looked at each other with a face like what the hell , but yea we had no choice and we followed mickey,, and as we crossed it wow what a feeling , the jeep has vanished now and we had no idea where the hell is the place we were looking for, but lucky for us there was only one road and very few junctions, and after riding for another hour with mickeys instinct with no idea where we were going in the jungle he shouts GOT IT, and we see a board
The gate was locked so we honked and revered our bikes to wake the whole resort and a very jolly gate man came and opened the place and welcomed us inside, people in Nepal are very friendly and Genuine we parked our bikes and went in the room, we then started thinking what will be the game plan for tomorrow, the safari was not possible as you have to book in advance.

Nepal adventures

The houseboy then told us that there is a crocodile breeding center and a rhino Rehabilitation center that he can show us in the morning we all agreed, we called it a day and dozed of to a much needed sleep, we woke up around 7 and god what a task to wake phatu up he just cant understand that you cant sleep for 7 hours every time!!! We were welcomed by a morning drizzle and sunrise the boy came wishing us morning in a crisp well ironed tucked in shirt and a black trouser with lemon tea, it really makes you feel good that people take pride in what they do and makes an effort to execute it in a best of way they can, we entered the park and saw some rare magars and crocodiles their babies and a poor croc with no upper stout , and a rhino so close we had a opportunity to feed the rhino , and s a rhino in tv and seing it staring at your face is a preety awesome feeling ,it like a live tank with 6 cms of thick iron around wrapped around it.

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